Gen-Z Yellow is the New Millennial Pink! This past year has been full of pink. From the walls of our favorite stores to the walls of our social media pages, pink was what was on trend. Now, we are seeing a shift to yellow shades and we are definitely on board with it. Gen-Z Yellow doesn’t just limit us to one shade of yellow, but the entire spectrum. Whatever shade of yellow you choose to rock is on you. There are so many ways to pull off yellow, even when it isn’t the summer. You can even incorporate pops of yellow in the most unexpected and fun ways. For example, paint your nails yellow, tie your hair up with a yellow scrunchie, throw a yellow leather jacket over your shoulders, or grab a pair of yellow shades. The ideas go on and on! It is also runway and street style approved as the shade has already appeared at New York Fashion Week, as well as Copenhagen Fashion Week. It is super easy to get inspired and I’m sure you can find quick and easy inspo from most of your favorite celebs. One of the stars that inspired this article, Millie Bobby Brown (of Netflix series Stranger Things) wore an eye-catching Gen-Z Yellow look to the Teen Choice Awards that had everyone talking. Her yellow Kenzo dress was the perfect representation of this awesome trend. We almost forgot to mention! Gen-Z Yellow is not only paving its way into the fashion scene, but is also becoming increasingly popular in interior design. Whether its something as bold as yellow walls, to a statement yellow carpet or comforter, or a more subtle yellow pillow or flower vase, it’s a yes. The runways have also been more full of yellow than ever before. Versace, Marc Jacobs, and Balenciaga have all gotten the memo. But this isn’t the first time pop culture brought yellow into the spotlight. The ’90s had a moment with the shade and it seems that all of our most recent trends are stemming from that time period lately. We cannot wait to see where you take this trend, don’t be afraid to add a little fun to your wardrobe.

Written by: Mia Goldstein