If you want an accessory that will completely shift your style this season, one that can give an edgy touch to the simplest of outfits, look to 1990s punk bands http://www.impericon-mag.com/en/10-best-90s-punk-rock-songs/ for inspiration. The wallet chain is making a comeback! They were originally meant to make your wallet and keys theft-proof, but recently, Style Station has been seeing these chains everywhere. Join in on this cool trend and pair it with some levis and studded boots. We blame the return of the wallet chain on Vetements. They first introduced it Fall 2016 and it has been the haps ever since. Not only have we been noticing the wallet chain on the runway, but the piece of hardware has also been making quite the Instagram debut. A name to watch out for when it comes to this trend is jewelry designer Martine Alihttps://www.instagram.com/martineali/?hl=en. Her sterling silver–dipped chains have caught the eyes of many, including the designers of the new denim label Miaou. In fact, Miaou https://www.miaou.com/collections/belts/products/chain-belt has made the wallet chain a permanent jean accessory, as they feature an adjustable metal link belt that looks just like a wallet chain. At the moment, fashion, especially streetwear, seems to be going through a rock and roll phase with vintage and distressed band tees, leather and jean jackets, and combat boots. Although wallet chains are currently regaining popularity in European and American markets, they’ve actually been a staple accessory in Japanese menswear for a minute. Not to mention, Chrome Hearts, founded by Richard Stark, has been there done that! We cannot wait to see how you choose to style your wallet chains in the future. Be sure to catch this trend before its too late! Don’t worry, though, Style Station has a feeling the wallet chain will be around for a while.

Written by: Mia Goldstein