It was a bright Solstice day in the Place Colette there in the heart of Paris with the tip of the Eiffel Tower peaking through the trees. For Virgil Abloh’s premiere collection as mens Artistic Director and the Ghanaian-American designer knocked it out of the park. The open air defile (runway) was lined with the many beautiful hues of the rainbow which signified to us to be proud of our many diverse colors.

There was a strong nod to the story of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and her journey back home. The palette was reflected by landscapes and characters in the film. Saturated reds represented the Tin Man’s heart. The strongest print was in the deep magenta of Poppies symbolizing for us to stay woke as one can slip into a deep sleep if we don’t stayed focused. He did the classic Vuitton keep all monogram duffle bag in clear pvc in day glow green representing the windows in the tower of the great and powerful Oz. There were chain link details speaking to the chains that we must not allow to bind us. The fit was a relaxed urban one.

The soundtrack was that of Kanye West speaking on his journey back to himself with a lyric that said “ we go back to when I had braids and you had the wave cap” which was poignant as the two were once colleagues and remembering Kanye once called himself the Louis Vuitton Don. The embrace of the two artist at the finale showed that love always wins . C’est Magnifique Monsieur Abloh.

Written by: WILLIAM CLARK, JR.