Who doesn’t love multi-purpose fashion? Turklyn Pazaar not only has a cool name, but offers Turkish towels for all of your Summer fun and fashion needs.

The Turkish towel is handcrafted and loomed from illustrious breathable Turkish cotton that is super absorbent and eco-friendly. Each piece is brightly colored, luxuriously soft, and super light which makes for a perfect travel item to the Vinyeard, Tulum, or any of your beach hot spot travel destinations.

Designer Rüya Özbilen has created the perfect size, weight, and eye catching design that can be used as a beach towel, sarong, scarf, or while yoga-ing and bathing. Not only does this make your packing decision effortless with a stylish look, but you’ll also have a little extra spending money as this item is reasonably priced. You might as well get his and hers!