Coachella is one of the most popular music festivals in the world, not only because of the numerous incredible performers, but because it is like a fashion show in itself. It’s not everyday that you get to show of your street style beside many of your favorite celebrities. Coachella fashion is in a category of its own: from bold fanny packs to combat boots to crochet tops and wacky sunglasses, you are bound to see a look that blows your mind. Although it’s Spring, Coachella Valley is always burning hot, so we of course saw lots of shorts and flowy dresses. However, surprisingly, this year, we noticed a lot of camouflage pants, chaps, patent PVC pants, vintage mom jeans, and gingham/plaid trousers. In addition, festival goers are ditching their usual suede booties for a combat boot, such as the Doc Marten. Like we said earlier, fanny packs are definitely circulating the Coachella scene, to say the least. From Supreme to Alexander Wang to Chanel, they’re everywhere and act as the perfect stylish accent for any look. And what we’ve learned is if you’re not wearing a fanny pack, you’re either wearing a chunky belt or one of the strap belts that buckle like a seatbelt (as seen from Off White). Style Station can confidently say that Coachella fashion has shifted from bohemian hippie to edgy street style and we are not mad about it! Of course we cannot forget about hair and beauty trends. This year was all about the long french braids with colored hair extensions weaved in, the slick back pony, or the beach textured bob. As for makeup, there is never a lack of glitter, whether it is on the cheeks or the eyelids. Sunglasses and earrings were for sure a must this year. Every celebrity was wearing sunglasses whose frames were oversized or super narrow, there was no in between. Matrix and cat eye sunglasses paired with thick gold hoops were a combination seen frequently on the festival grounds. We loved seeing everyone’s Coachella looks and Style Station is counting down the days until next year!

Written by: Mia Goldstein