I am an avid bath taker. I know it’s a waste of water and time, but I still love it so much. For me, it is the perfect way to unwind and relax your entire body and mind. I usually light some candles, pour a glass of wine, and put on some Khalid. So I was extra excited for my weekly bath when I got a lavender sage Bath Bomb from Yuzu Soap! Believe it or not, I had never used one. Maybe a toy one when I was younger, but nothing recently.

So once my relaxing scene was set, I popped the little cube bath bomb in and watched it immediately drop to the bottom of the bath and start fizzing away! I waited until it had all dissolved until I got in.
I enjoyed my bath as usual, and I have to say the bath bomb made it extra relaxing. I think that was probably the effect of the lavender. It smelled great too. Although adding a step like this is fun for a bath, this is still a beauty product that claims to moisturize and nourish your skin, so I had to wait until I was out of the bath to see if it was true!
And it totally was! I felt an immediate difference in my skin. It was extra soft and felt super hydrated, but also balanced because of the clay. There are only 7 natural ingredients in this bath bomb: baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, essential oils, natural clay, and witch hazel. It was fun to use, extra relaxing, and loved the way it made my skin feel after.

I will definitely be adding this product to my bath routine!

Written by: Ally Melideo