At first glance, Hulu’s new original series The Handmaid’s Tale may not seem like a show in which fashion plays very much of a role at all. In a dystopian world, not long from now, what was once the United States is run by a totalitarian government and women have no personal rights. Handmaids, young women forced to have children for men of the ruling elite, wear plain scarlet frocks and white bonnets. It’s simple, and in a sense part of the systematic dehumanization the women are subjected to. Somehow, designer Vaquera has managed to take this look and transform it into a truly inspired fashion collection.
It’s all red. Of course. But Vaquera’s collection is about more than style—it’s a social statement against oppression and misogyny. The collection will not be shown until June (in New York). We only have a few pictures; bits and pieces. But what we’ve seen looks pretty amazing.
Vaquera’s pieces are modern, edgy and smart. Fashions with a feminist flare. In short, the collection is not meant to look like the clothing worn by the Handmaids. It’s a reaction to the series, and a preemptive strike against problems we face in the world today—problems eerily suggestive of The Handmaid’s Tale.