Crop tops have been trending for a while now, but lately we have been seeing them on all of our favorite celebrities, from the streets to the runway. They look perfect paired with your best high-waisted pants or jeans and a little tummy showing through. It accentuates our figures and the best part is that it can be tailored to the length you feel most confident. We have seen a ton of extreme cropped tops sported by those that love the tasteful underboob look and some barely cropped tops, just short enough to show off a statement belt. Whatever your preference may be, you have to try out the crop top if you haven’t yet! Now’s the time!

It is super easy to make your own crop top out of any old band tee in your closet. This is a great way to repurpose and oversized, unflattering shirt that you never want to wear. The first step is to get a shirt that you don’t mind cutting in case you mess up. The second step is to try the shirt on and mark with a pen where you want to cut. Make sure you place the shirt on a flat surface and smooth it out so that there are no wrinkles or bumps in the shirt. Next, cut straight across the tee with a sharp pair of scissors where you made your marking. Try to focus on making it as even as possible. Don’t worry if it ends up a little crooked, you can always go back and fix it. Once you are happy with the length and cut, stretch the bottom of the shirt until the hem line has rolled up. This makes it so that the cut looks cleaner and more professional. Lastly, you want to throw your new and improved shirt into the wash and you’re done! Super simple and super cute. We guarantee people will come up to you and ask you where you got your crop top from and you’ll be able to say you made it yourself!

Written by: Mia Goldstein