I’ve been using this moisturizer almost every night for about 5 months. I had heard great things about this newly popular skincare brand and was in the market for a new moisturizer. My main skincare struggle is hyper-pigmentation, which a lot of people suffer from. Some dermatologists and skincare experts have said I have melasma (most frustrating thing in the world), while others say I’m just prone to hyper-pigmentation because of how easily I tan. Melasma is hormonal and pigmentation is from sun exposure or breakouts. I honestly still don’t know to this day which assessment is correct, but I know vitamin-C can help with both! So I bought this moisturizer in August- at the end of summer when I was noticing some pigment issues. Before purchasing at Sephora, I read some reviews online and everyone seemed pretty happy.

I’m going to give this product a 8/10. I LOVE using it almost every night because it’s a little heaver, (which I think feels nice at night), feels great on my skin, and smells amazing. The price isn’t bad either for the size. However, once my jar is empty, I’m not so sure I’m going to buy it again. With so many products out there that I want to try, it is really hard for me to re-buy. The product truly has to be amazing and I have to be confident there is nothing better out there! I’m not 100% sure about that for this moisturizer. I know a moisturizer can only do so much, but I just feel C.E.O. Protect + Repair Moisturizer Review could be a little stronger so I could notice more of a difference. My skin feels healthy and hydrated after using it, but I’m not sold on the anti- hyper-pigmentation results. I’m going to consider pairing this moisturizer with their “Rapid Flash Brightening Serum” to see if I get better results, but I also might just do some more research for a stronger product!

Written by: Ally Melideo