For me, sunless tanning is an absolute must. If you care about your skin as much as I do (or at all) you wouldn’t damage your skin permanently for that beautiful, bronzed glow that we all want. Being tan makes almost everyone look skinnier and just better in general, but it’s not worth skin damage and premature aging .
I love having a spray tan so much, I basically feel 10 pounds thinner every time I get one. But they are expensive and can also be kind of inconvenient a lot of the time. If I do get a professional spray tan, I ALWAYS go to Heather Airbrush Tanning on Sunset in LA. I’ve been going to her for about 2 years and everyone in LA knows she’s the best! I absolutely love her sunless tanning products – especially for my face because they are so natural and great for sensitive skin.
For a full body tan I’ve been using St Tropez Advanced Bronzing Mousse since I decided my spray tan addiction was getting a little too expensive. It’s super easy to use and more convenient because you do it yourself (reaching the middle of your back can be a little difficult though). I usually shower, shave, lightly exfoliate, and wait until I am completely dry before applying the Bronzing Mousse. You apply it evenly with a St Tropez mitt, let it sit for 1-3 hours (depending how dark of a tan you want), and then rinse with just water in the shower. It then appears after 8 hours, so I usually do this at night before going to bed. When you wake up the next day, you have a gorgeous glowing tan! I love this product because the color is so nice & natural, not orange at all. It also usually fades naturally, but I recommend giving your skin a break every once in a while so it can come off completely, instead of layering the tan over and over.
Even though I love this product A LOT, I was in Ulta the other day and saw basically the same thing by St Tropez but in a mist form instead of a mousse. I was almost out of my mousse anyway so I decided to get it. I tried it that night after showering and liked it right away. The application time is way less with the mist, even though you still have to use a mitt to make sure it’s blended well. The color was just as good and it actually developed into a tan way faster. It’s easier to get tough-to-reach places too, AND it’s way more comfortable— I almost forgot it was on. The next week when I was in a rush, I did a really quick layer of the spray and just slept with it on. The color is so nice & the mist is just way lighter and more comfortable to leave on.
I love St Tropez in general but between these two products I think I’m going to stick with the mist! Overall it’s easier to use, more comfortable on your skin, and develops super fast! If you’ve tried any other St Tropez tanning products, please let us know what you think!

Written by: Ally Melideo