First there was socks and sandals, a trend that dates way back. Then they merged to become sock boots courtesy of Balenciaga and other brands to follow. Now, it is all about wearing socks with heels. That’s right, socks with heels! Don’t believe us? We saw Rihanna rocks the look with a slinky slip dress, a ski jacket, and white mules. Rihanna didn’t wear just any pair of socks, though, she had to go all out and pick the Gucci mid-calf stockings. Although one of the great benefits of this trend is that it is wallet friendly, these Gucci socks were the furthest thing from it. The crystal studded socks debuted at the Gucci Resort 2018 show and cost a jaw-dropping $1,340. Calf and ankle socks continue to be an important part of Gucci’s design narrative. These knit socks feature the “interlocking G motif embroidered using crystalized beads”. The “nearly 100 year old symbol has been brought back into the forefront of Gucci’s designs in unexpected ways”. Winter usually means choosing comfortable, warm boots over cute heels, but we can always count on our favorite celebrities to cheat the system. You’re probably wondering who would spend that much money on a pair of stockings, but Rihanna wasn’t the only one! Jennifer Lopez wore the same pair with a white turtleneck, tulle skirt, and some strappy heels. This season, when you’re sick of wearing the same snow or rain boots on your night out, consider the addition of a cute sock to transform even the most summery heels winter approved. Like we said before, this trend does not have to cost over $1000. In fact, you could achieve this look in under $5, no problem! It just takes a little bit of searching to find your ideal pair, but it is super easy and super worth it. Don’t be intimidated by this trend, you’ll be surprised how much you love it when you try it out.