Shani Darden is THE facialist and skin expert in Los Angeles at the moment. She’s based in the city and tends to stick around. Darden has build a huge (and dedicated) client list in LA, including celebs like Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, among others. She has also been featured in almost every major magazine, from People, to Cosmopolitan, to W. Shani herself is the ultimate cool girl. She just exhudes confidence and casual sophistication.

That aside, Shani Darden is a licensed esthetician who worked for years with a dermatologist at the top of her field. She gained extensive knowledge in this capacity. Darden then went on to work in many high end Los Angeles spas. Finally, in 2013 she launched her own line and the rest is history. Shani works miracles on skin of all types and ages. The brand’s website, and many customers, say she can fix almost any skin dilemma, “from acne and rosacea to pigmentation, sun damage, and aging skin — while enhancing existing looks”. This is a rarity, even in LA.

Darden’s best selling project is Retinol Reform, a retinol gel that is made for any type and stage of skin. Retinol is a product Shani Darden recommends for all women. Even girls in their twenties. It has been touted as a miracle product, hugely reducing acne and signs of aging by stimulating collagen production. Shani advises anyone starting with retinol to integrate it slowly into their routine. When applying Retinol Reform, first wash your face. Initially you’ll want to use “one to two pumps” of Retinol Reform one night a week. Weekly, you can increase the frequency assuming your skin is tolerating it well.

But Retinol Reform is not by any means Shani’s only skin “trick”. Shani is also known for LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy technology. She now has a full bed made of LED lights to target more areas of the body. So how does it work? Intense beams from a LED lamp (or mask, although Shani uses a lamp and more recently her LED bed) penetrate the skin and have various positive effects. From eliminating bacteria and acne, to increasing circulation and collagen production leading to a more youthful appearance. The results vary based on what color light is used. For example, red light is used to eliminate wrinkles. Blue light kills bacteria. Darden says that she uses this technology on all of her clients and is able to figure out where improvements can be made for that person, then adjust her procedure accordingly. One of Shani’s favorite products is the LightStim—for $250, you can have the LED wand at home. Shani Darden is now able to help clients to an even greater degree with an LED bed, also from LightStim. With a bed the effect is spread over the client’s entire body. Aside from improving problem skin, an LED bed offers a whole slew of health benefits. It is FDA approved, removes pain and increases circulation. It can even protect skin from UV damage and accelerate wound healing. Pretty incredible. It was actually NASA who originally experimented with the benefits of LED lights on skin. So, thanks to their innovation, people like Shani continue to affect lives.

Shani Darden feels that customers can have the skin they want but this isn’t an ordinary facial. She uses state of the art treatments to achieve flawless results. This high-end experience prices around $300.  However, her suggested home regime is simple.  Her two tips? Sunscreen and retinol. And, of course, always wash your skin with a high quality, gentle cleanser.

With what seems to be a magic touch and the best technology at her disposal, Shani Darden is who you want working on your face when you’re in LA. In the words of Jessica Alba, “You know how sometimes when you get facials, you, like, look a little busted after? Go to Shani; you look better.” But what exactly is this magical process Shani uses?
Shani’s tells us “I starts by cleansing the skin, then I do a facial massage with an ultrasound machine that plumps the skin. I leave the steam on during this process. After the massage, I determine which exfoliant to use based on the skin type – usually a light chemical peel or an enzyme exfoliant. After exfoliating, I perform extractions on an as-needed basis, then uses oxygen to help calm the skin. Lastly, I put the client under an LED light (The LightStim Professional Two-panel) to kill bacteria and boost collagen. I always finishes with sunscreen so my client’s skin is protected when they leave.” Talk about very specific protocol! This attention to detail and tailoring the facial to the customer is what makes Shani Darden amazing at what she does.

Shani Darden is the best of her industry for good reason. The results she brings are not only incredible but personal. She’s an entrepreneur. And as a business and beauty mogul, she has built an empire on extensive scientific knowledge, technology, natural beauty, and a bit of effortless SoCal style