Last week MAGIC, the largest national apparel trade show, took place in Las Vegas. Agenda and Capsule piggybacked on the mainstream MAGIC crowd, and thank God they did because it was at Capsule that we found MAGIC.

Style Station discovered a sweet and unique husband and wife duo, with their middle names as the brand title – Rose & Fitzgerald. Their specialty goods stood out few and far between from the hours of brand research we encountered at the MAGIC booths. Rose and Fitzgerald’s display ranged from jewelry and gifts to home-goods, all using only natural and luxurious materials that reflect from it’s origin of Africa.

We met only the husband of the duo. The wife, Courtney, was upstairs with her feet up as she is about to give birth to baby Cade. Her endearing husband was holding down the fort and doing her proud as he explained the process of how they built this specialty brand.

There were many things that I wanted from Rose & Fitzgerald, and several things that you must see. Now, after knowing their story, I instantly bonded to their brand. These two are by far the couple everyone wants to be, and their collection absolutely represents their lifestyle. Be sure to check out their blog for their beautiful products and some amazing travel inspiration!