I must admit I really only watch the Oscars for the fashion.  Maybe I saw two of the films nominated at best, but I definitely would never miss the Oscars red carpet. Each actress (and stylist) puts so much thought and time to present their fashion statement to the world.  We now have shows and panels discussing the best and worst decisions.  For me, Alicia Vikander was my overall favorite.  From head to toe, and everything in between was perfection, not to mention she did take home one of those golden guys that makes for a pretty perfect accessory.  Her Louis Vuitton yellow princess dress with silver detailing looked stunning on her petite frame.  Finally a dress that shows off the shoes—which were just as great as the dress!  A simple hair style, minimal accessories, and an award winning personality completed the look.

A close runer up was Charlize Theron who always looks like a complete goddess, whether covered in dirt with a shaved head (Mad Max was one of the movies I actually saw last year), or in the divine low cut red Christian Dior number she wore to the Oscars, she always looks absolutely stunning!