The Oscars red carpet are “the place” to find top trends set by celebrity stylists. Gowns are sent by couture houses in hopes of getting their designs on top talent. Most of the time the actors have more than one choice and don’t actually make a commitment till it’s time to get dressed for the red carpet!

Even with last minute decisions we always see similar trends run through the carpet. Gold was was a stand out color worn by Emma Stone in Givenchy, Dakota Johnson in Gucci, and Jessica Biel in Kaufman Franco. Belts were an accent seen on Chrissy Teigen, Hallie Steinfeld, Scarlet Johanson, and Janelle Monae in Elie Saab. Janelle, Ruth Negga in Valentino, and Salma Hyaek all had hair crowns as a statement piece. Velvet was seen on both men and women. Tarji Henson in Alberta Ferretti, Brie Larson both rocked stunning strapless v-neck velvet gowns that turned heads.

Now takes these red carpet trends and turn them into your own every look. See you on the streets!