New York based fashion designer Alexander Wang and his #WangSquad of supermodels travelled NYC Saturday morning, for the debut of his label’s SS18 collection #WANGFEST. What everyone had such high hopes for turned out to be quite the disaster. After planning the show for 9pm sharp, Wang showed up at 10:30pm, keeping many fans waiting. Alexander Wang’s show took place in SoHo for the first lucky 100 spectators. Therefore, getting in was not only extremely difficult, but people were pushing and shoving in order to get the perfect view. There were no seats available, leaving everyone, including top celebrities, standing uncomfortably on concrete.

All we have to say is, Wang, keep the surprises coming! The show was eye-catching and breathtaking from beginning to end, there were some truly revolutionary ideas presented to us, but did the Instagram models outshine the clothes? The production seemed to be more focused on who was walking rather than what they were wearing.

Wang’s show was definitely one for the books and we can surely shed some light on up and coming trends including layered cutoffs over leather leggings, silver studded skinny jeans, and re-purposed sleeves and jackets worn as skirts. We saw lots of uniquely tailored lingerie and daily streetwear combined with dainty clear shoes.

The show was followed by a surprise show outside Noita’s La Esquina restaurant. Lafayette street was shut down and blocked off by black vans in order to create a runway for supermodels such as Kendall, Bella, and Kaia to walk in Wang’s signature black and white outfits. All that for the model hype?

It was fun while it lasted…the show was very short lived and ended within minutes. Was it a success? Style Station’s guess is no, but that is definitely up for interpretation.