Here at the Style Station, there’s nothing we love more than casual elegance—except, maybe, a successful female entrepreneur and artist.
Negarin, a London born brand, is now a huge hit in LA and San Francisco, known for tailored and sophisticated casualwear. The brand’s founder, Negarin Sadr, is big into abstract prints and high quality knits. She’s made a name for herself in the industry, out of true quality and beauty, and founded her label on the modern woman’s need for “timeless, seasonless contemporary womenswear.” Sadr is a powerful blend of fashion, business, and creativity. She started out at Donna Karen and from there created her own label with a vision. With a background in art, her prints are originally paintings. As an artist Negarin manages to blend classic elegance with relaxed ready to wear, and she does it incredibly well.
After years of building the brand, Negarin has locations in San Francisco (on Fillmore Street) and Venice Beach, on Abbot Kinney––one of the most stylish streets around LA. These locations are absolutely ideal; in the absolute centers of style in their respective cities. The perfect placement of Negarin outposts makes for accessibility to the young and fashion forward. One brand representative added, “Negarin London was stocked at another boutique on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA, for a couple of years and did well. When it came to testing our own concept store, we wanted to be in a location where we had historical sales data.” Amazing quality and style aside, Negarin has done an incredible job of building a successful business from the ground up. Abbot Kinney continues to evolve, as does Fillmore Street. “We tested the market with a pop-up before finding a permanent home on Fillmore Street,” our Negarin representative tells us, “Pacific Heights is a local community where our customer demographic lives and we’ve been welcomed into the community.”
Negarin offers the modern West Coast woman a comfortable and relaxed form of high fashion. These looks are decidedly classy but also appropriate for a day out shopping or a summer barbecue. It’s Audrey Hepburn meets athletic meets summer in the Hamptons, yet somehow reminiscent (in my estimation) of Swedish fashion. Unique and bold, but simple. The clothing speaks for itself. Articulate and subtle, while getting the point across. Classic modernism is no longer an oxymoron. As a young woman on the go, this is exactly what I look for in a brand.
Personally, I love the bright colors and streamlined silhouettes. Negarin says her label is “globally inspired” and this is one of my favorite things about the clothes. They’re designed in an eclectic way, mixing patterns and colors perfectly. It feels just right for summer.
This season the designer brings us the Notting Hill Collection. It’s pretty gorgeous—lots of bold stripes, lots of forest green. Her most recent looks include cashmere as well. As a brand known for its high-quality knits, these pieces are popular even in warm SoCal. The looks this season are, the designer says, more timeless. There’s a bit of a vintage bend to the prints in this collection. Check it out, because it’s seriously amazing.
In the past six years, the brand has grown from a small artistic endeavor to a popular and independent label. Negarin has been featured in major publications (including Vogue), and her plan for the future is ambitious. She wants to open many more locations over the next several years. With a goal of making women feel beautiful and a clean aesthetic that pops, plus consistent high quality, the possibilities seem limitless. And we’re totally here for it.