Want to have the gel nail look with out the gel nail hassle? Well, here at the Style Station we put an array of top coats to the test. What came on TOP (excuse the pun) was the Essie Gel Setter and Seche Vite quick dry top coat. Both are pretty amazing and comparable. You can’t go wrong with either, but we have broken down the differences for you in detail.

There is something about the Essie bottle in itself that is easy to hold and maneuver. The Essie Gel Setter product is more fluid than the Seche Vite which means a longer dry time. However, once it sets the finish is incredibly shiny and perfect. When applying the top coat it’s not going to pick up your color polish which we love. The only time it chips is if you don’t finish off with a swipe across the tip of your nails. Don’t forget this step!

The Seche Vite has been used by our Art Director for over 8 years. This in itself shows you how it’s been able to sustain in a market full of nail products. Seche Vite is definitely a little thicker and feels almost like a polymer on the nail. What we love is that is dries exceptionally fast, but if you don’t close the bottle tightly it reduces its shelf life pretty significantly. Within 3 minutes of applying you can get back to life. If you get a dent, easily smooth it back without having to re-do the nail! One thing we did notice with lighter polish is that the Seche Vite could possibly affect the nail color after a few days of wearing.

With both the Essie and the Seche Vite, once the polish, the base, and the top coat all bond together, you have a pro gel manicure look that stays fresh day after day. If you have to change your polish in a moment, you can do an easy removal at home, which is a definite bonus. Each product lasts about 10 days.