Mara Hoffman has always been a fashion fan favorite, known for her beautiful colors and patterns. Once again she stood out from the pack with her Moroccan inspired swimsuit designs during the Miami Swim Show 2016.

One piece suits and cut-out trends were spotted during Mara’s show, but she still has a way of staying unique and true to her STYLE .  Mara states “I’m going to do what I f*cking do, love me or not. I don’t have to be on-trend every season; I’m going to be me and he was him so I think that really is the connection.”

Mara chose to shoot her swim campaign at the decadent Versace Mansion in Miami Beach, and named the layout and collection “Maison Mara”.  However the inspiration was sparked from her recent travels to Marrakesh, and not detailed mosaics which fill the Versace landmark.  It’s just kismet.