It may no longer be the second biggest sportswear brand in the USA anymore (that title has gone to Under Armour), but adidas is doing an undeniably great job of keeping its name on the tips of everyone’s tongues this year.

At the intersection of streetwear, sneakers and high fashion that defines the culture, the Three Stripes has made vast gains, recapturing the imaginations of style-conscious people the world over. Thanks to its headline-grabbing YEEZY project, popular designer collaborations and innovative new concepts, the brand has made itself a permanent fixture in the world’s street style galleries, sneaker conventions and fashion parties.

It looks like adidas is making all the right moves but only time will tell if they’re enough to reclaim lost ground. Regardless of what happens, the end consumer will no doubt benefit as the biggest players, alongside newcomers, put forward their best products for your hard-earned dollar.