The Loreal Hair Fashion Tour, in collaboration with Jen Attkins Mane Addicts, took place at Neuehouse, a private creative space in Los Angeles, with a group of experts. This was curated panel consisting of those successful in hair and social media management. The goal was to give insider information on how the group themselves have been successful in the social space.

The line up included our very own Style Station favorite Stylemaker – The Scotty Cunha, Ruslan Nureev, JJ Ashley, Shelley Gregory, Ezgi Erren, and moderated by blogger Allison McNamara.

Sadly Jen Atkin was not there, but the evening started off with a encouraging message on how and why Jen began Mane Addicts. She has created a successful platform for those in the hair industry to share knowledge and continue learning. Jen saw the early importance of social media and focused on building her brand through instagram. This has brought her name and focus to a higher level. Jen in collaboration with Loreal wanted to share tips and tricks, best practices, work ethic, and on how to promote your personal brand.

Each expert shared their story on how they made it to be a recognized force in the industry. Each person took risks and had fortitude while climbing to their current position. There was a common theme of be your self, be consistent, and collaborate with others. No one here was an over night success. Every one had a bit of advice that they wanted to share with those live in the studio or watching online.

Ezgi Erren had three points that can equate to success. Stay Humble, Work Hard, and Collaborate. There is not competition.

Scotty Cunha feels being on-time and not to ever give up.

Ruslan Nureev encouraged everyone to not be shy and reach out to others.

Shelley Gregory suggests you say “yes” to opportunities.

Ezgi Erren wants everyone to get out of there comfort zone.

Everyone agreed that experience was the key and that you can’t learn everything from a Youtube video. To become an expert takes time! You have to pay your dues, but also recognizing that being an assistant is the hardest job there is. This is the entire reason why we at Style Station wants to put the focus on the Stylemakers. We recognize how hard artists have to work to get to expert status. You must have talent and work well with others.

Written by: Melissa Meister, Founder and Creator of The Style Station