Opening its doors in 2017, Loft 647 has quickly elevated the art of beauty through innovation and consciousness for our environment. Our impressive team of celebrity colorists and stylists create trendsetting, red carpet looks within its chic, spacious interior.

Cofounded by A-list colorist Lorri Goddard and stylist Cory Scott, Loft 647 tries to make their salon eco-friendly in more ways than one.

The furniture and fixtures are earth approved, like the countertop made from reclaimed wood and styling chairs made of vegan leather. Energy consumption is kept down with a combination of natural light from the space’s multiple skylights and low-voltage LED bulbs.

Hair is rinsed with electrically ionized, pH-neutral Kangen Beauty Water, which Goddard claims helps with shine and calms the scalp. As for the styling products go, they are all natural and organic ingredients, not to mention cruelty-free. Even the hair trimmings are put to good use and donated to the Matter of Trust Clean Wave Program to help clean up oil spills.

Written by: Mia Goldstein