I’ve always been the biggest fan of peels, they are my favorite thing to do for my skin other than laser treatments. Because of the downtime they usually require, a lot of people find them very inconvenient. I get that if you don’t work in the beauty industry, showing up to work at a law firm or marketing agency with your face peeling off isn’t ideal! But if you can find the downtime or just be comfortable looking like a reptile, I highly recommend getting regular peels. Not only do they rejuvenate all aspects of your skin, they also allow your products to penetrate deeper. Meaning, the amazing serum you paid almost 100 bucks for will work way better. Some peels are super light and don’t make you physically PEEL and they can just be added on to a facial to give you a quick glow. However, some peels are more intense and you can be actually peeling for several days.
Personally, if I’m going to pay for a peel I want to see the results and have my skin actually peel. I tried the Cosmelan several years ago and loved the results. This peel is specifically made for hyper-pigmentation (which I have) and melasma. Which is great because some other peels can actually make pigmentation issues worse (my absolute nightmare). Recently, I decided I wanted to do this peel again because I had some downtime and wasn’t really interested in trying another one since I had such great results with the Cosmelan peel years ago. I called all my usual facial spots in LA, but none of them carried the Cosmelan peel. They all said they usually don’t stock it because not many people request it because the price is a bit higher. Kate Sommerville ordered it for me and I scheduled it a week later!
At Kate Sommerville, the brownish, peanut-butter- textured peel was applied to my face after being carefully cleansed. This took about 20 minutes total just to make sure there was an even layer completely covering my face. I was given instructions for post-care and 2 different creams to put on after 48 hours. I left the spa and quickly jog-walked to my car with basically peanut butter all over my face! I then had to leave this on for 8 hours. EIGHT hours. At least the texture is comfortable on my face and not actually sticky like peanut butter, but I was SO ready to rinse it that night. They told me the only time this would ever sting is when I rinsed it, but I didn’t really experience any discomfort.
Right after rinsing, my face kind of just looked like I had a very light spray tan. Not red, definitely no peeling yet, and just a little yellow tint. The next day it looked pretty normal. I wore a ton of sunblock all day and tried to stay out of the sun. The third afternoon is when it finally started peeling and it was nuts! All into that night it was peeling like crazy, they told me not to touch it but massive sheets of skin were coming right off. The following days I wore a lot of sunblock and followed their post-care directions with the 2 different creams. I tried to not wear makeup, stay out of the sun, and not heat my face up in any way. Meaning, no saunas, tanning, or working out (don’t have to tell me twice).
It is been exactly ten days since I got the peel and my skin looks FAB. It is basically completely even and clear without makeup. It helped any pigment issues a lot, but it also helped everything else like pore size, texture, clarity, etc. I am peeling the tiniest bit on my chin, but that’s it. My skin also feels more hydrated than usual, probably because of the post-peel products they gave me. Overall this peel is absolutely amazing if you have an entire day to chill with brown mud on your face. It is SO worth the money and I’ll probably do it once a year for maintenance. 10/10 rating for this peel- I’m thrilled with the results and that’s the most important thing!

Written by: Ally Melideo