It’s cooled down in LA, and I can finally, somewhat, start to imagine myself in winter attire. Imagining a HOT latte (not iced) in hand, walking down the streets in cropped, flared jeans, a t-shirt, layered light duster, and… kitten heeled boots!

I never thought that I was one to wear the kitten heel, but on the right ankle high, sock-boot it looks so chic. YOU Can wear the kitten heel with wide leg, skinny, or a dress. It is actually very versatile and perfect fo day tonight. Super comfortable and easy to run around the city in. This heel is a complete veer away from the chunky, block heels and ankle-hiding boots of the past few seasons. This shoe is reminiscent of 90s contemporary design and is just as sophisticated. It looks great layered under organic silhouettes: such as flowy slip dresses, sweater dresses, or flared pants.

The good thing is there are all types of variation in color and price available for you to choose from. If you don’t want to make the big investment yet, you can find moderate to inexpensive options. The one I like best is from Dolce Vita.

So what’s changed in fashion to allow for this ankle high-low heel? Everything seems to be falling at the midi length this season whether its jeans, a skirt, or a dress. Sock-tight boot heels are rising up to cover the exposed ankle, while flowy organic silhouettes lay juxtaposition to the sleek design of the boot. This shoe is the perfect addition to your existing fall wardrobe, and will give it that sophisticated edge we all long for!

Written by: Bella Quillin