Brilliant Creative Director, Kim Jones, presented a modern and effortless collection for men’s Fall 2017 at The House of Louis Vuitton . With his much talked about collaboration with the Supreme brand it was a perfect merger of the Urban NY vibe to the chic global man. He presented a collection that was a clear homage to the diversity of the New York social and club scene from the 70’s thru the 90’s. The soundtrack for the show was thunderous house beats of the 90’s with Legendary David Ian Xtravaganza proclaiming “ 10’s, 10’s , 10’s across the board”.
The silhouette was oversized ease for the multitasking Vuitton man, who is clearly an athletic one, engaging in everything from baseball to snowboarding . The Houses signature monogram was done in shades of denim. Another nod to the 90’s was the comeback of (dare I say) the fanny pack, but this time worn across the chest. For the uber luxury collector there was a bomber and moto jacket done in crocodile shearling and classic cashmere cable knits paired with scarf print pajama shirts.

Overall Mr. Jones gave me a photo ?, and “us” a collection that delivered what we wanted – comfort swathed in luxe on the go.

Written by: WIllaim Clark Jr., Stylist