One of our strong beliefs as a brand is that beauty starts from the inside out. Unless you are harmonious and balanced on the inside, things aren’t going to shine on the outside. We take a mind, body, and spirit approach with everything we do. This is why we are so excited about Skin Worship. This skincare line is in total alignment with every core value we cherish.

Skin Worship states that their services are not just a facial but a spiritual journey. We decided to take them up on this and see if what they say is true. Style Station is committed to bringing beauty and skincare to everyone, including young men, which is why we thought Hendrik was the perfect choice. With men’s skincare on the rise, we decided to let our friend, male model, and travel expert, Hendrik Giesler be graced with the opportunity to experience their maintenance facial and chakra clearing. Hendrik is always traveling the globe and changing climates. He is constantly moving from place to place physically, which can take a toll on you emotionally and spiritually. Even though it is fabulous to travel, Hendrik told us that there is always a price to pay even for the blessings in life. Just recently Hendrik realized that his skin was starting to react to all the stressful airplane travel, food variations, and different accommodations.

Leslie Kritzer and Madison De Clercq, the co-owners of Skin Worship, booked Hendrik with the works. First he was scheduled to see Jacqueline Lozano, a master aesthetician and empath. If you don’t know what an empath is, it is someone that has the gift of feeling and absorbing another persons emotions and physical symptoms. This is pretty cool and deep to think that another person can connect with you on such a intimate level. Jacqueline Lozano is a second generation empath which means it runs in her family. I attended the spiritual facial with Hendrik as I had so many questions and needed to see his transformation. Hendrik had only experienced one facial prior so he didn’t have any expectations. As I watched his services I definitely wanted to be the one receiving this treatment!

After examining Hendrik’s face and analyzing his near-perfect skin, she began the facial with a cleansing ritual, their gentle but deep cleansing face wash face that contains a green tea extract and a touch of baking soda to brighten your face. Jacqueline explained each step and mentioned that it is important to wash your face for at least one minute and to never use super hot water. She used the Skin Worship sponges in a circular motion to cleanse away the dirt. She generally suggests not washing your face in the shower as it is too high of a temperature for the skin. This is why Skin Worship does not use steam for extractions. They use minerals, magnesium oil, and a hot towel to dilate the skin before extractions. Jacqueline also suggested using a make-up remover before cleansing as step one and not to rely on the cleanser to remove your make-up. After purging the pores, Hendrik went through the steps of exfoliating with micro-dermabrasion, which takes of the superficial layer of the skin using fine crystals. Next Hendrik went under a space-age oxygen mask with a red LED light over the top. The oxygen hydrates and keeps the skin glowing and the red LED heals the skin, tightens, and supports anti-aging. This is the first time I have seen this oxygen technique used in unison with LED light. I get excited over things like this and I know Hendrik was really enjoying himself. He was so relaxed he didn’t say a word unless he was answering the questions that Jacqueline was picking up from him as an empath.

When the facial was completed, Jacqueline finished Hendrik’s face with their Hydrating Ritual as a moisturizer and suggested he uses the Purifying Ritual after his workouts or during his flights.
At Skin Worship, they mix up everything in their hands before applying it to someone’s face, to share their energy. It is perfect for acne prone skin. You can apply it anytime and no water is needed.

As if this wasn’t enough bliss for Hendrik, next he had a chakra clearing session with Azul. Just the presence of Azul was powerful, but she also came with a sound bowl, feather, candles, and rattle made form a turtle shell. Incase you don’t know what a chakra is or a chakra healing, Azul identifies blockages you are having internally and uses energy, breathing, and shamanic techniques to heal and create a better energetic flow in the body. This, of course, is the inner spiritual healing that Skin Worship has to offer. A nutritionist and other types of unique specialists are available to get you glowing on the inside and out. We have 7 chakras and each is a specific energy center with one starting at the top of our head down through our pelvis.

Hendrik intimately shared with Azul his challenges and goals. She was also able to pick up on things Hendrik was not aware of that he could work on. Azul used her trance-like sound bowl and feather to stir up the energy. She expelled any blocks of energy that needed to be discarded and empowered his positive energy to stream through Hendrik’s body. I was really envious of this incredible gift Hendrik was receiving. It was so intimate and special. Although he had never experienced anything quite like this, Hendrik was able to open up and embrace this energetic shift. After our visit, it is clear that Skin Worship is much more than a simple med-spa, it is truly a vibrational and holistic approach to beauty from the inside out.

Written by: Melissa Meister