After seeing 5 million Instagram selfies with the facemask that makes you look 80 years old and hideous, I finally gave in and bought it. I was so excited to try it and see how much I could scare my boyfriend with it on. But I was also a little dubious about the results that everyone was claiming, because it is pretty much a one-time treatment. Or at least not multiple times a week, because of the cost.

When it arrived, I immediately loved the packaging. Clean, elegant, and came with a re-usable applicator brush. At least that can help justify the cost. The process of actually doing the mask was fun as well. You pour a tiny liquid jar into a pouch, close the pouch with your finger, and shake it for about 20 seconds. The mixture of the two liquids then turns into a slimy gel form. You then use the brush to apply the gel directly onto your face while avoiding the eye area. It says on the instructions to relax for 30 minutes while the mask dries and try not to move your face. So I ran a bath and poured a glass of red wine! I actually do not recommend doing this, because I noticed the mask dried MUCH slower because of the heat or steam from the bath. Once it started to dry I noticed that crazy look I’ve been seeing everywhere on Instagram! My face was getting so tight that it actually pulled my eyes down a bit, that’s why people look so freaky with this mask on. It tightens your face so much that it actually changes the shape. I’m glad I didn’t put it anywhere near my eyes, as that is such a sensitive area.
I then rinsed it with warm water, per the instructions, and patted my face dry. I didn’t exactly look 12 again, but my skin did look great. What was interesting is that I didn’t actually feel dry at all, even though it was such a tight mask. I think this mask might be good for de-puffing, which is an issue I don’t have, so I couldn’t see the benefits. I would be willing to try it again either for a travel day or a day after heavy drinking. I am still really impressed with this brand, and if they create a mask for exfoliating & brightening I will definitely try it. If one of your main skin concerns is puffiness, I think it is worth buying!

Written by: Ally Melideo