Face masks are all the rage these days. Not just for skincare purposes, but for self-care, relaxation, social media and fun! For the glitter-obsessed among us, there are now sparkly masks to bring out your inner rockstar, like this new peel-off treatment from GlamGlow. Their upcoming GlitterMask product, which is available now at GLAMGLOW.com and Sephora, is black in color and is full of star-shaped sparkles. GlamGlow claims that this peel-off mask leaves no residue and supposedly comes off in one go, mess free! If these claims are true, this is a total game changer. No more rinsing or peeling off leftover mask residue! The crazy mask trend keeps going as GlamGlow isn’t the only company jumping on board. Makeup brand, Too Faced, also announced that they’re launching a peel-off glitter mask. Might have something to do with the recent acquisition of Too Faced to Estee Lauder, which also owns GLAMGLOW. According to Jerrod Blandino, co-founder of Too Faced, the sparkly skin-care item is available for the masses now. “Glow Job coming this December on toofaced.com. Who doesn’t like glitter! Skin care masks are having a huge moment in the beauty world and we think these new glitter masks are going to take social media by storm. With these fun, glittery, Instagram magnet masks, I think it is safe to say the old, plain, boring white sheet-masks are a thing of the past. Beauty is a way to express yourself and now you can through skin care as well. We can’t wait to try this out (and more importantly, take pictures with it on).