Not since the choker trend, Kendall Jenner and her girl gang made so cool in 2016, has a jewelry trend been so hot!

We are referring to The Statement Ear, which is hitting a fever pitch for this Spring 2018. You probably have already seen it showing up all over your feed and we are here to get you on board with this trend quickly. If you want to modernize your look seamlessly, throwing on a pair of oversize, fun earrings, is an easy fix to refresh your wardrobe and many of these baubles will not break the bank.
Check out below link for a variety of styles and brands that we are really loving.

The statement ear trend is all about being super sized, bold and colorful. It will actually make an otherwise boring outfit, pop. Also, they are great for the ‘gram to do cool close ups for a detail shot of your outfit or a boomerang for that head shaking diva in us all.

What’s great about the latest incarnation of earrings is that they are not super heavy like the 1980’s versions. Many of the materials being used are silk tassels, plexi resin and fabric flowers vs heavy clunky metal.

Jewelry, in general, ruled the runways for Spring 2018, but statement earrings, in particular, were the stand out accessory that many designers adorned their models with as a compliment to their fashion. Check out this slide show from the runway for further proof.

What we really love most about the earring trend is the fact that it is so attainable to all, unless you have not pierced your ears yet, which in that case, you will have to find a clip version or finally go get your ears pierced, as there is no time like the present. Pop Sugar also claimed this trend to be an easy one to try.

One of the most important and final pieces of info that I can provide as a statement earring loving girl, is to purchase lobe saving patches from Amazon. Trust me, on this, they are brilliant and changed my earring game and saved my ears. They are great whether you have torn your hole or even if you have not, they will stabilize the earring so you don’t ever tear your lobe and so it sits right on your ear comfortably. You are welcome!

Written by: Patricia Klein