Close your eyes and imagine this, “you”, in a dramatic floral maxi dress, heading to a soirée on a warm breezy summer evening. Cue a roof top venue, a crisp sparkling rose, your most fab girlfriends and voilà, you are living your best “Sex In the City” moment circa 2004.

When you work in the fashion biz like I have for many years, you start to notice the irony of calling out certain trends a la “floral” once Spring/Summer comes around because it is sort of assumed like duh, “florals for warm weather”, how inventive. Miranda Priestly said it best in “The Devil Wears Prada” when her team presented floral as an idea for an article, her deadpan response was, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”

Putting Miranda and her snarky comment aside, there is a reason that Florals come around this time of year. Simply put, I believe florals just make us feel good, like a breath of fresh air, after being in dark colors in the cold all winter long. Also, like all great trends, designers really updated and reinvented florals this season with some irresistible, fresh takes that really look great.

One of my fav runway shows for Spring/Summer 2018 was from Zimmermann. The colors, the silhouettes and the prints were so insanely beautiful that it really sparked a need for me to buy a new version of the florals from last year’s for the season ahead.

The other droll worthy and inspiring show was Erdem. Model after model sashayed down the runway with gorgeous creations that felt more luxe and other worldly than the typical girly and pretty versions we expect from florals.

Those two shows were so inspiring that I went on a hunt to find an affordable version for myself. Anthropologie has a plethora of Summer dresses right now in the $150-$200 range. After trying a bunch of them on and liking some of them, nothing was really perfect. I was lucky enough to spot a rack in the corner of the dressing room that had 20% off dresses and I saw one single Eva Franco Pink Tulip dress in my size that I literally fell in love with on the spot! Done. You can check me out here on insta wearing it to my dear friends’ birthday dinner in DUMBO Brooklyn.

So, while florals may not seem “groundbreaking” in terms of seasonal trends, nonetheless, they really are the answer to the perfect outfit for that summer rooftop soirée that is calling your name.

Written by: Patricia Klein