Football and Fashion are the two things that NFL player Brice Butler loves! He is serious about his play and he serious about his look. This Arizona Cardinals wide receiver has made it known that he is interested in what he wears, who’s making cool clothing, and that he wants to be part of the fashion world. So much that he attends Paris Fashion week for the last four years and is considering a run or a collaboration with an apparel line that he has input in.

Since he was a little kid, Brice knew what he liked and didn’t like. He remembers a point in his life when what his mom was buying him was not how he wanted to dress, so he asked her if he could pick out his clothes – and so he did.

Now a successful professional athlete, Brice is making fashion an integral part of his brand. Inspired by Victor Cruz, a NY Giants wide receiver and fashion lover, Victor is the reason why he started going to fashion shows. Brice noticed Victor looking good at events and going to show. Brice followed suit and began exploring his own style and developed a relationship with Victor. Now Paris is a must do for Brice. The timing of the shows is perfect. He has no football commitment at that time and can spend a fantastic week at top shows.

Incase you don’t know how it works, you have to be invited to shows. Not any one can show up to Paris Fashion week and sit from row at Rick Owens. There are very few front row seats and they are there for special guests of the brand. If you are front row, you want to wear the clothing by the feature designer or couture house. Its’s a privilege and a respectful thank you to rock the brand.

Brice likes to see shows and has a full calendar of invites. He has made his name known in the Paris Fashion which makes his visit exciting and full. This year it was Kenzo, Rick Owens. Pigalle, AMI Paris, Cerutti, and Lanvin. For each show, Brice works with a stylist and shows up dressed in his personal interpretation of the designers collection. This year, Brice took it a step further with social media and streamed live from the shows. He even did a instagram take over for, yours truly, The Style Station.

It is also important for Brice to embrace his style out of his uniform and why he so interested in fashion and what he wears at away games. We get so used to seeing these pro athletes in their uniform or work out gear, so when there is a moment for Brice to express his personal style, he wants to embrace it. He admired what Russel Westbrook, basketball player, was doing with his brand. “Russel rocks what he wears with confidence”. He too wants to make a statement. Brice calls his style Urban Executive. He feels he is a hybrid of sorts. He loves city streetwear fashion as much as being sleek and clean in a tailored look. He can jump between the two quite comfortably as both styles are “him”. Some of Brice’s favorite designers are Kenzo, Ever, Pyer Moss, Kirby Jeans Raymond, Dior, and Berluti.

Brice is already looking forward to Paris next year where he will go even bigger – with a Dior show on his todo list! This man works hard for to the things he loves. Football knows who he is and it is clear that he will make a strong stake in fashion too.

Written by: Melissa Meister