Iconic purveyor of high-end apparel, Maxfield, hosts the Fear of God pop-up shop across the street from it’s flagship store on Melrose in Los Angeles

Incase you haven’t heard of Fear of God or designer and founder Jerry Lorenzo, you might have seen it worn by Justin Bieber on his Purpose tour. Jerry designed all of Justin’s costumes and merch. Not a bad acheivemnt for only having 4 collections. However Jerry was hot from the start by getting his 1st collection on Kanye West, who is rumored to be one of the original investors in the brand. Instantly making Fear of God the most desirable cool guy’s (and now cool girls) collection. Jerry insists this isn’t streetwear or a high-end men’s contemporary brand, but his own ideas touched by God.

The pop-up shop itself looked like the set of Wanye’s World with shag carpet, wood paneling walls, grunge posters, and a plaid couch that matched a style flannel hung on minimal racks. The items on display ranged from military sneakers, to limited-edition long-sleeved shirts, acid-washed jeans, bombers and more. This along with a vintage Ford F-150 truck and blaring Smashing Pumpkins made this a virtual 90’s experience for those who never lived it or a flash back for those of us who did. Visit the pop-up space which is open now until Dec. 12.