Ethos Elixirs is a line of candles unlike any other. The brand has a clear mission, and this mission is evident in every facet of Ethos Elixirs’ business model––Beck Starr, creator of Ethos, aims to reduce toxic chemical emissions in candles while bringing clients a high quality product with a unique scent inspired by nature. Their soy candles are clean burning, artisan-made and hand-poured, made from plant material (all ethically sourced)––that’s what sets Ethos Elixirs apart; it’s a completely environmentally conscious brand (and the candles smell incredible).
In many ways, this line of scents is years in the making. “I made my first candle when I was just six years old and always dreamed about making candles again,” Beck recalls. She has been a successful photographer, and cites an “appreciation for plant essences, combined with an extremely sensitive olfactory system” as further factors in her decision to create her own line of candles. The true catalyst, however, for Ethos Elixirs, was Beck’s father. Four years ago he lost his battle with lung cancer. “It prompted me to think about all the toxic chemicals we breathe in at home,” she says, “especially in our candles.” It took a year and a half of research, development, and sleepless nights for Beck’s idea to become a reality. But after all that hard work, Ethos Elixirs is thriving. The brand can be found at the world famous Candle Delirium in West Hollywood, and at other locations in Venice, Hollywood, Palm Springs, New York, and Germany. Ethos has also been featured as a “must have” in West Hollywood Lifestyle Magazine. And the list of retailers stocking Ethos Elixirs is growing.
The brand has three collections. Beck describes all of Ethos’ candles as aromatic, ethical, and distinct. But there are three “personalities” within the brand— Rebelwax, Gypsywax, and Sweetwax. Each includes three scents, available in multiple vessel styles and sizes. From sleek matte black to a modern stainless steel vessel, Ethos Elixirs’ packaging looks almost as good as the candles smell (which is saying something). Their signature “acid rain cans” are one of a kind, and come with a lid and an opener. Like the candles themselves, the packaging is recyclable and 100% sustainable.
One of the three collections, Rebelwax, includes the brand’s signature scent—Ancient Muse. It’s a blend of pure lavender essence and amber resin, and is definitely a favorite among buyers. Ashbury is another Rebelwax scent, made with yuzu and buddahwood. Third in the collection is 1968, which is made with patchouli and vetiver. These three different scent profiles are entirely unique, but share a common soul. The collections are each defined by a specific feeling. As a brand, Ethos Elixirs appeals to the senses.
The Gypsywax collection is a bit more woodsy, with scents like sweet basil and tobacco leaf, while the Sweetwax collection is light and fruity. All collections are wild-harvested and made from pure organic plant material. Ethos Elixirs is built on the idea of clean living. Non-GMO soy, vegan, sustainable and clean-burning candles made in Los Angeles—it doesn’t get much greener than that. Go to www.ethoselixirs.com to sign up for the newsletter and shop the collection!