The Erdem x H&M collaboration was revealed November 2nd. This was a very anticipated collection by Erdem, who is known primarily for feminine florals. One can really see H&M’s minimalist street style intermix with abstract femininity.  Erdem, when speaking about his design process, reminded us that, “the moment you get to caught up thinking about how a collection will be perceived- there’s no point; you really have to approach it as a new body of work.” And, to us at the Style Station it does feel new! The collection is fresh, beautiful, and (most celebrated) at an affordable price point!

This collection was described as “informality and formality meeting”. It includes trousers and button ups made from lace and heavy silks, delicate florals, high necklines, ribbons, voluminous sweaters, and ruffles. He describes it as,” a collection of pieces that have a permanence about them, which is almost the antithesis of this idea of what fast fashion is.” It’s anything but “Being Boring”. Erdem designed his first menswear ever as a result of the collaboration.  As he was designing, the styles were shared amongst gender. The gender fluidity of the collection perhaps comes from his childhood spent with his female twin, whom he always saw as his equal and shared clothing with.

The launch party for this collaboration was at the Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. The setting was dreamy and mystical like a fairy land with flowers, plants, and low light. When entering there was a slow-mo video both, DJ, and selfie wall. Plenty of fan faire to get guests excited for the show.

The actual show included models: Malgosia Bela, Alek Wek and Ève Salvail alongside Ruth Bell, Aleece Wilson and Yasmin Wijnaldum. The runway was littered with beautiful foliage installations. The styling is noteworthy. The gender fluidity amongst his designs was clear, men and women were draped in each others clothing harmoniously. Erdem described this as “having a wardrobe that can be put together, and taken apart.”

After the show, guests met with the campaign director, the famous Baz Luhrmann, with a cinematic short film created exclusively for Erdem x H&M “The Secret Life of Flowers”. It perfectly captures the essence of the collaboration showcasing extravagance and elegance in an unworldly way. Other events following included a pop up shop of the exclusive hand bags, and a surprise performance by Grimes, the Canadian pop star. The whole night looked like a dream, and the collection actually is! The Erdem x H&M collection’s release is all too perfect to shop for the holidays. You can check it out on H&M’s website!

Written by:  Bella Quillin