We’ve seen it before and even tried it at home, but never have we seen the reconstructed denim and patchwork done with such taste. Thats right, the Levi’s style blue denim with raw hem is back, and replacing the stretch skinny that stayed with us way too long. Whether you are wearing a pair of Redone/Levi’s with one of their awesome recycled Hanes white T’s, a hand made pair of unique Vetements, or brand Tome who just won the Denim Design award by the 2016 Copenhagen Fashion Summit, you’ve got it right. This look will not be leaving us quickly.
The Style Station’s pick for baby blues is Off-white denim. We love how this collection delivers a bridge between Streetwear, and high fashion. You can wear this absolutely anywhere and be perfectly dressed for the occasion. There isn’t anything cooler going on right now than this luxury lifestyle brand. We’re screaming over this one!