A Day in the life with stylist Andrew Gelwicks –

Do you really know what it’s like to be a professional stylist? The word “stylist’ is used so lightly and yet it is the toughest job in a glam squad. The term “stylist” is thrown around almost everywhere you go to shop these days, but a stylist doesn’t mean being able to pick out an awesome outfit, or being a stylish person. Being a stylist is an entire business in its own right. You have to manage so many aspects and juggle different variables.

Because Style Station focuses on the Stylemakers, the ones creating the looks, we decided it would be great to spend a day in the life of a true NYC stylist, Andrew Gelwicks.

Andrew is an anomaly in his own right. Not only is he a stylist at a top artist agency, he too is quickly rising to the top, while never (really) having the intention of being a stylist – until he came to NY. Styling has just come naturally to Andrew and he has easily been able to tackle all of the “you don’t know’s” about the job. Andrew comes from the midwest, and when arriving to NYC he had other intentions for himself. He just happened to be working in an office on the same floor as an artists agency. After a short time, he had the intuition that he wanted to give styling a go. Andrew walked into The Only Agency with a beaming recommendation and they gave him a shot!!! This is an incredible story folks!

Now some time has passed and Andrew has surpassed all expectations with his work and young celebrity clients who are committed to him. He has found his groove with “young” NYC talent, who he loves to work with. Andrew feels that the younger demographic are open to trying new designers and creating fresh styles.

Being a celebrity wardrobe stylist is such a personal connection. There is so much trust involved. You see your client dress and undress, you have to know their body and use your industry tricks to prevent any possible wardrobe malfunctions! None of this can be taught in a school. It’s being hands-on and having an innate sense to think ahead of what your client may want, or even better, guide them into that new look that will make a statement and get them noticed.

A stylist life is glamorous and grueling at the same time. Being a NYC stylist is both extra grueling and extra glamourous. In the “city” you have every resource available in the world, but running around NYC from showroom to showroom is not as simple as it sounds. Andrew and his team have to co-ordinate pulls, fittings, pick-up’s, and returns. He is supported by his faithful assistant Emily Pettengill who helps him coordinate and keep on top of business as Andrew creates. There is also an entire admin side to styling that most don’t know about. Staying on budget and keeping inventory are a must. Not one item can ever be misplaced. Brands and clients want to know that you have more than a good eye – even though having a good eye is a must. There are also days of prep work before actually getting to the shoot or an appearance. Andrew gets all of his production information from his agent Mike and then uses his creative skills to design the look for the client.

Andrew has an impressive studio right in Manhattan’s fashion district close to Mood fabrics. He graciously invited Style Station to spend time with him there while he prepped for a Chloe Lukasiak appearance. We then followed Andrew to Chloe’s hotel where her mom-ager Christi and influencer little sister Clara, and makeup artist Shar Sinclair were already there. Chloe tried on the few dresses that Andrew had previously edited through. She went for the bright sequin dress by Naeem Khan. Then Andrew picked her shoes, jewelry, and clutch, and voila – Chloe was perfectly styled!

Written by: Melissa Meister