Coachella has arrived! And this particular event has long been a hotspot for great music and ever greater fashion. In the past, we’ve seen a lot of bohemian looks. As is typical for spring and summer music festivals. Way back to Woodstock. This year is a little different.

While we’re still seeing the hippie look among the masses, Coachella 2017 has been a lot edgier than previous seasons. It’s a little bit rock and roll. In its various incarnations. Stars like Alessandra Ambrosio and Hailee Steinfeld are prime examples.

There are the standard styles; leather and fishnets, torn jeans and band tees. Many style icons have gone for nineties inspired outfits. Some looks are a little more…out of this world. We’re seeing glitter EVERYWHERE. From hair to makeup. Heck, we’ve seen it head to toe. Literally—glitter covered bodies. Pair glittery roots with braids, and you’re all set. Hair game is on point.

On the other end of the spectrum, Coachella 2017 has seen a lot of classic style—more minimalistic and athletic, but still super classy. Lots of black and white; a mix of sleek, long lines and ruffles. Lots of bralets and sporty looks incorporating mesh. Note: check out Love and Lemons. This brand has been seen all over at Coachella. Whatever your style, you’ll find something at L&L.

What about you, style mavens? What look did you rock this year?

Written by: Katie Flynn