At The Style Station we are constantly looking for cool finds, but when we discover great fashion with purpose, we fall in love with the brand. British based Bottletop creates stylish fashion bags using upcycled aluminium ring pulls held together by crotchet.

Originally a foundation started by designer Roger Saul, founder of British luxury brand Mulberry, and his son Cameron, the two Brits collaborated with Mulberry to create a handbag made from the recycled bottle tops.  Naturally the the design made global fashion news which allowed the foundation to generate local employment and education funds in Africa where the bags are manufactured.

Now Bottletop is a must see fashion company Instagram and a stunning face of the brand, Lais Ribierio.  Oliver Wayman and Cameron Saul spearhead the brand.  The two gents use their fabulous bags and contemporary art to fund the foundation which now supports young people in Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Brazil and the UK.  Bottletop.org raises awareness for education projects that tackle delicate teenage health issues such as HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, and pregnancy.  Now something positive can actually come from drinking soda!