Last night, Saks 5th Avenue hosted an intimate sit-down dinner with a handful of selected guests to meet the designers of Attico, a brand discovered by Saks Chief Merchant, Tracy Margolis, while attending Milan Fashion week. Tracy fell in love with the brand’s fun, but stylish and fresh look which inspired her to make the bold move to add the collection to the 3rd floor, the designer section at Saks 5th Avenue in Beverly Hills.

Why Attico? Saks is looking to create new opportunities of shopping for the millennial customer who may want something different than the traditional fashion houses.
The generation desires to connect more to what’s behind the brands they purchase, and the two Millennials themselves have stood out and made a big statement to Saks – which has gone all in with the brand.

The Italian duo, Gilda Ambrosio and Georgia Tordini of Attico, originally started off as friends. And as friends often do, they dream and build together. This being their 5th collection will now sit on the floor of Saks that carries names like Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Celine, and Gucci. Exciting to know that millennials continue to change the way we live and are opening up opportunities
for the “new guy” to come in and create success.

Attico means “penthouse” which automatically give you the sense of high-end luxury that is chic and effortless. I personally love that these girls went for the top and decided to compete in the couture/designer arena. They are fresh blood and refreshing. Even the words they chose to describe their collection are true statements and not just PR propaganda. However, they do design with lavish materials and ornate embroideries that create “the entrance” when walking into a room. The line consists of apparel, hand bags, and shoes.

At the dinner, located at AOC Wine Bar, both Gilda and Georgia were gracious and kind. They talked with Americans they did not know who bombarded them with their recent celebrity status. The event itself was chic and gentle like the two designers themselves. I was graced with the opportunity to mingle with like minded beauty and fashion lovers. The CEO of Violet Grey, April Uchitel, chatted with Georgia during the meal. Designer Nicola Guarna (Robert Rodriguez) looked like a dear friend of Tracy Margolis of Saks. Bo Kim and Robyn Horwitz, who coordinated the event for Saks, sat with Ali Peu, editor of Goop and Anita Patrickson. At my end of the gorgeously dressed table was Tony Ferreira, who in itself should have his own story. Tony runs the personal shopping of Saks. His client Manuela Herzer and her daughter Christy Cham, Gina Balk and her daughter Fabiana Spite, and the fabulous Susan Maers K-Moller. I want to be like Susan. She is the director of stores for Saks 5th Ave and an incredible example of a woman.

The meal was fabulous and family style which encouraged us to share not only food but intimates about ourselves. This was a unique type of marketing event where nothing was pushed or even presented. Just a classic European style dinner that matched the grace and beauty of Attico. Thank you for the invite Pui. Well done ladies and well done Saks. I am now a fan.

Written by: Melissa Meister