If you’ve been to a Starbucks in the past week, or on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the Unicorn Frappucino—made of mango flavoring and magic. The (super) sweet treat is not long for this world—today was the Unicorn Frap’s last day. But the Unicorn trend continues. Starbucks recently got in on the magic, but Unicorns have been pretty big this year all around. In the fashion world, we’re seeing it everywhere.
We’ve seen unicorn hair, makeup, nails. Attention grabbing accessories, casualwear, even unicorn inspired going out looks.

It’s reminiscent of kitschy eighties and nineties teen style. Remember Lisa Frank? The unicorn is in vogue once again, and not just for kids.

So what exactly makes the unicorn trend? Pastels, glitter, stars—anything whimsical and wonderful.
In the past few weeks, we’ve seen this trend made even more magical with iridescent accessories and makeup. Kate Spade and Bloomingdales, among many others, have put out designs inspired by the legendary creature. At fashion week, John Galliano showed unicorn-esque makeup courtesy of celeb makeup artist Pat McGrath. This fantastical trend has gone high fashion.

Worry not—online retailers and fast-fashion brands are on it too. As for makeup and hair, a Pinterest search of “unicorn style” will give you all the inspiration you need. As far as we can tell, the Unicorn Frap may be done, but the infatuation behind it is here to stay!

Written by: Katie Flynn