Ally’s beauty review: Korean skincare brand Skin & Lab is known for making affordable beauty products with (mostly) natural ingredients. I recently bought their pore tightening glacial clay facial mask which claims to detoxify your skin and help with oil control, minimizing pores, and reducing inflammation.
When I opened this mask I was extra excited because it’s a light blue/green color, which I’ve never tried before. I applied an even layer to my entire face after I took a hot shower so my pores were open and ready to be detoxified. It was a great consistency (not too thick) especially for a clay mask. After about 4 minutes of laying in bed watching Netflix and masking, I started to feel the most incredible sting. Not an uncomfortable sting, but a sting that tells you something is happening. Even if it’s not actually doing anything, at least it feels like it’s working. I left it on for another 10 minutes; the box recommends to wait until it’s dry.
I rinsed with slightly warm water and was so surprised with how my face felt. Usually after clay masks my skin feels almost uncomfortably tight and maybe a little irritated or dry. But not with this one. My pores looked cleaner and small, but my skin did not look like it was in desperate need of hydration either. When I finally looked at some of the ingredients it made more sense: 3 different types of clay, tea tree oil, and oatmeal. They found the perfect balance that still detoxifies your skin and cleans your pores out, but doesn’t leave you feeling so dehydrated and crazy tight.
Although it was not the recommended usage, I used this mask 3 nights in a row. One of its other claims was that it can help with breakouts and kill bacteria. I had just broke out on the outside of my cheek, so I wanted to see if this mask could help— and it definitely did. It dried up my breakouts without causing any irritation or redness on the rest of my face. I’ve tried countless face masks and this has to be in my top ten favorites, especially for $24. I cannot wait to try more Skin & Lab products soon.

Written by: Ally Melideo