Have you ever heard of a SKIN COACH before? I hadn’t, but once I did, I knew it was something that I wanted to know ALL about. I created The Style Station specifically to be your trusted source in Beauty & Fashion. We are here to bring you the {real} insider information, treasure finds, and how to’s from the experts. The concept of skin coach was something new to me and definitely of huge interest. We all need to know about this! For me, I personally have struggled with acne and pigmentation since I was a teenager. I can’t tell you the thousands of dollars I have spent on my face for products that weren’t right for my skin type or personal needs.

When the opportunity came to meet Melissa Lekus I instantly felt relief, that there was someone who understood that deciding your own personal skincare can be challenging. There is so much more that goes into it besides facials or seeing a dermatologist; which by the way can be expensive. Stress, food, the environment, and your ever-changing hormones affect your skin. It begins with beauty from the inside out, and when you feel good inside, chances are you look amazing outside! There is nothing more attractive than glowing skin–so how do you get it?

First I had a brief conversation with Melissa on the phone and told her what my skin issues were. Next, we scheduled an appointment at her studio in Los Angeles. Melissa is an aesthetician and from working with different skin types over the years and building strong relationships with her clients, she has been able to design protocols that work!

When I arrived at my coaching consult and facial, Melissa first had me fill out paperwork which asked questions about my history and skin concerns. I have been insecure and lacked confidence at times when I have experienced breakouts or when my melasma is at its darkest. Melissa was so kind, gentle, and loving as we dug deep into the feelings behind my skin problems and aging concerns. She empowered me and let me know that I was not alone, that my skin did not look like how I was seeing it (I see the worst), and that loving myself is a big part of healing the skin. I brought my products and we reviewed my routine, which was okay with what she felt. Melissa did not try to sell me on new products from her beauty shop, she told me which ones I had worked and suggested a few that I may like to try. One thing I did not have in my arsenal was a good vitamin C. Melissa explained how to put the products on and in what order, focusing on the main issue is the first product you want to apply. Since mine is acne, I apply my prescribed medicine first as to not add a barrier to the skin with another product first.
She also felt that less was more. I didn’t need 6 serums in my routine to have clear skin. Applying what is needed and applying them correctly will be more effective.

One pro tip that I didn’t know, that Melissa showed me was how to apply eye cream. Clearly, I have been doing it wrong my entire life and this quick little tip has made all the difference. When applying moisturizer to the eyes, take one hand and spread the corners of your eyes open, then with the other hand, take the product on your finger and gently massage the moisturizer in a circular motion. This will seep the needed product into the lines and give you maximum results. Simple and effective.

After our coaching session, I went into Melissa’s studio and she gave me a luxury facial. Mellissa wanted to make sure that her expertise and services were accessible to all those who wanted great skin. Everything is included in the facial and there are no add on’s. It is one very accessible price for “the works”. I felt relaxed and fresh-faced.

All facials provided at Melissa’s private spa room are 75 minutes for the low flat rate of $99. Every facial is tailored for the specific concerns of the individual; devices and techniques are carefully chosen to achieve the best results for each client. If you’re interested in Melissa’s Skin Coaching services, please get in touch for a complimentary 15 min consultation. You will be making a great investment in yourself! Remember beauty begins from the inside out.

Written by: Melissa Meister