Corduroy is definitely not your average sneaker material, that’s for sure! Despite its weight and texture being seemingly more fit for a cool jacket or a pant, Nike is curating the ultimate corduroy shoe collection. Nike, always being ahead of the game, knew it had an opportunity to jump on this potential new trend. The sportswear company took the existing Air Max 97, Air Max 95, and Air Force 1 models and reconstructed them with vibrant color combinations and the unique material. Corduroy is seen on each sneaker’s upper and inner lining, which should make for even more comfort and support than normal. The shoes look super retro and are in line with the chunky sneaker trend. There has also been a color block trend which has been seen in the fashion world a lot recently and the collection really embodies that as well. Not to mention, the premium leather construction makes for a high quality, durable shoe. The tongue and outer lining are a saturated blue color and the inside is lined with an off white corduroy. There are pops of yellow and red too, perfect for Spring! For the real thorough Air Max fans, the combination of colors takes inspiration from the special edition release from 2006 that celebrate Finish Line’s 25th Anniversary. We can’t keep our eyes off these stunning sneakers and cannot wait to see how they are worn. You are not able to get your hands on them just yet, but their release date will be dropped very soon, so be prepared. Additionally, the price has not been determined yet. Like all new drops, they go fast, so make sure you are behind a computer ready to add them to your cart.

Written by: Mia Goldstein