Leyna Bloom tweets out on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for its lack of diversity

Leyna Bloom, also known as Leyna Ramous, is an American fashion model, dancer, and transgender activist. In October 2017, Bloom became the first openly transgender woman of color to appear in Vogue India. Since pictures of the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which was filmed on Monday and will air on Nov. 28, have now leaked, we know that yet again the show had zero curve or plus-size models. Despite an effort to be more racially diverse this year, size and gender diversity were excluded. Leyna Bloom passionately posted on Twitter writing, “All these women of color in the VS fashion show that’s amazing right. But they still have way more white girls. It’s like every time they added a woman of color they added another white girl. Next year they need to cast trans and curve models all colors not just Caucasians.” Style Station believes it is very important to be the best you, so we anyone who is comfortable in their own skin and beautiful. We think it is amazing how women support and empower each other because body image is a very present issue. We really hope to see every body type and color represented on the runway next year.