Shaina Mote is changing the future of fashion by developing each of her collections with a mindful, sustainable approach. Fashion, our exciting playground for self expression, acts as our worlds number two pollutant as a result of mass consumption of water and materials, overproduction, fabric waste, and toxic dyes. Fast fashion brands such as H&M, Forever 21, and Zara are producing trendy clothing quickly, without concern for our mother earth as well as her inhabitants. Designers like Shaina Mote cause us to slow down, think about our impact, cherish quality, and thoughtful design. “The Shaina Mote woman eschews reign of the trend in favor of timeless self-expression.” At the core of her ethos is fair, American-made production and souring. Designs are dreamed, developed, and made right here in Los Angeles by Shaina, her team, and family run contractors and craftsmen.

Since 2012, Shaina Mote has been using natural and renewable fibers over synthetic materials such as Micromodal, Rayon, US Cone Denim, and Wool. She prefers natural, comfortable fabrics that will never sit in a landfill, consuming space and resources. Shaina’s designs and construction emphasize longevity and exceptional fit through a neutral color palette, sleek and smart design, and superior constriction with French seams or bias bound edges- “built to last”. Shaina is an expert at garment construction, exciting us with unexpected silhouettes, cutouts, twists, and wraps. Shaina with the help of her pattern maker, Marc, make seriously smart patterns by constructing a garment from the least amount of pieces- a difficult trade. In turn, she is able to have conservative yields that reduce fabric waste. Shaina has honest conversations with the Earth about what She can produce and how to best create from Her resources.

In addition to Shaina’s considerate Ready-to-Wear, an omnipresent Core Collection provides the thoughtful, traditional basics to round out ones’ wardrobe. Proving that classics, quality, and simplicity belong on a hanger intermixed with seasonal whims. Recently, Shaina broke into the swimwear market with crossed, sleek, and twisted styles proving to be both sustainable and sexy. Continuing to fulfill holes in her consumers’ market, in Fall 2017, Shaina expanded into footwear engineering slingback mules, oxfords, and ankle boots that rest upon stalks of bamboo or pine.

Most unique to her company flow: online orders are cut and sewn by order, right in her studio, in order to prevent over-production and consumption of resources. Shaina Mote’s LA based studio is located in the trendy, up-and-coming neighborhood of Highland Park with plans for a front store debuting sometime this Winter. Go to to sign up for a newsletter and shop her collection.