As my runway partner, dear friend and legendary performer Willie Ninja said “ I want to bring VOGUE to the real Paris and make the real Paris burn . “

The Balmain woman was born to wild with no apologies this season . Olivier Rousteing’s vision of diversity was not only in casting of the girls but in the textures as well. The references of 80’s Glam rock and 90’s Grung had Tribal DNA. There mixtures of heavy beading, exotic skins, grommets,fringe and animal prints. The Tribal motif continued in the color blocked make up and the corn rowed ponytails . The Balmain wolf pack will show you her teeth if provoked.

Colombian born Haider Ackermann’s woman was dark and intriguing vixen . As a master of very intricate draping he
decided this season to apply a somewhat of softer hand. The Ackermann woman is strong and powerful in slightly
masculine suiting but remained seductive through the tailoring. There were severe peplums and shoulders in mostly black and white but broke up in pops of cobalt blue and gold. Within the gorgeous fabrications there was embroidery in gold branches running through several pieces. There was luxe mix of textures like wool, cashmere, leather, crocodile, and Mongolian lamb. There was even a nod to Iconic Rock Godess , Annie Lennox in a black leather fitted turtleneck and pant a la Missionary Man. The Giambattista Valli woman was naughty and nice . The collection was almost a love letter to Paris with Malcom McLaren stating in the soundtrack for the defile (runway) “ I often go to Paris to live yesterday tomorrow because Paris is a place of dreams”.

There was basically a air of Erotique Romanticism running through the collection with peplum ruffles caressing the body at the hip, knees and the floor. Corsetry was worn on the exterior of many looks with lace calf high peep toe boots . Valli’s use of fabrications an textures was just the perfect balance of a good girl that may or may not be bad sometimes but she’ll never tell.

Written by: William Clark Jr.