Sky Blue Hair Clutch by Dame
Sky Blue Hair Clutch by Dame
HairClutch is revolutionizing the way all women carry and store
their precious hair pieces.
HairClutch is a multi-purpose hair extension storage and hair
extension travel carrier as well as the perfect hair extension styling
The debut luxury collection HairClutch
by Dame features high end finishes and soft magnetic flaps that
hug your hair into place. You will receive your HairClutch
by Dame in the folded up position resembling a woman’s clutch purse.
To open simply unlock it and open it up, unbutton the protective cover
and insert hair in between the magnetic flaps. This will hold the hair
into place and enable you to hang it in your closet or place it on
a hook and style the hair while its hanging in the bag.
The protective cover is specially designed to prevent any bend
or damage to the hair while its being stored. For travel roll the bag
up back into clutch position and turn the lock.

Sky Blue Hair Clutch by Dame


Sold By: Style Station